LinkedIn Article: Inventory Management Is Key to Subscription Success

OceanX CEO & Founder Georg Richter recent LinkedIn article explaining through the lens of a POPSUGAR email he received the importance of inventory management in the subscription world.

Excerpt "Today, I received an interesting email notification from POPSUGAR that my “June Must Have Box may be arriving at your doorstep a little later than usual.” The box is delayed, according to the email, because they are waiting for one item in the line-up that did not make it to their warehouse in time."

Two New Interesting Twists on the New Membership Economy

The New Membership Economy continues to innovate at a rapid and fun to be a part of pace.  Current subscription leaders like Birchbox are opening brick and mortar stores, Le Tote just launched a new private label line with a key influencer, Gap launched a Baby Outfit box while other new brands are entering the space. 

Video: The Psychology of Physical Subscriptions

Experts often cite that there are three core elements of a successful subscription businesses- convenience, value and replenishment.  We agree that these three are important and in some cases are the only elements you need for certain product categories, especially ones widely available via Amazon Subscribe and Save.  However, in the New Membership Economy we argue that innovative brands and retailers should consider 12 key psychology elements of physical subscriptions when thinking about creating a true membership experience.

Video: Recurring Revenue Conference Panel

OceanX was proud to be a sponsor and participant at the Recurring Revenue Conference presented by Sutton Capital Partners this year.  The event had a wide mix of quality people from all across the worlds of subscriptions.  OceanX Founder and CEO, Georg Richter, helped kick off the event with a panel on how to scale a subscription business along with Bill Bradford from Beachbody.  See the below video and we look forward to next year.

3 Ways to Compete with Amazon's CPG Subscriptions

This article was written by OceanX CEO and Founder Georg Richter and first published on

Consumer packaged goods’ e-commerce sales skyrocketed by 42 percent in 2015, with most of that growth fueled by Amazon Prime sales. That same year, Amazon’s Subscribe & Save grew 200 percent year over year and accounted for more than 20 percent of all CPG growth. 

The Top 5 Subscription Businesses of All Time

Subscription box services are here to stay, and they’re only gaining popularity. Consumer retail insights found that visits to popular subscription boxes’ websites have increased by a whopping 3,000 percent in just three years.  What started out as niche companies delivering specialized products to consumers’ doorsteps has developed into a multibillion-dollar industry.

How to Know If Your Business Should Start a Subscription Service

This article was written by OceanX CEO and Founder Georg Richter and first published by

Venture capital investors eagerly invested more than $1.6 billion on companies joining the new membership economy by starting subscriptions. Blue Apron, BarkBox, and Ipsy, to name a few, have all benefited from these funds, enticing investors with the promise of repeat customers making recurring purchases.

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