Are Your Fulfillment Options Ready for 2022?

There are plenty of predictions about what 2022 will bring to the beauty and wellness eCommerce sphere:

  • The rise in popularity of dermo-cosmetics
  • Consumer boycotts of unsustainable or falsely-sustainable brands
  • The re-positioning of the beauty and cosmetics industries in regards to their effect on mental health
  • Buy-now, pay-later purchasing options

But what about fulfillment for beauty and wellness? With so much change on the horizon, your fulfillment partner should have the capacity to keep up. And it’s not just the beauty and wellness sector that’s changing. Supply chain issues, sustainability pledges, variants of concern, and rapid advancements in technology all mean that fulfillment in 2022 is unrecognizable compared to fulfillment at the beginning of 2020.

Change is happening—and fast. Here’s what you need to know about fulfillment in 2022.

Leading the Charge with a Push for Sustainability


More and more eCommerce shoppers are supporting their values with their wallets and as environmental issues are increasingly gaining traction, consumers are seeking out brands that keep them accountable. According to Statista, 45 percent of polled consumers shared that they were looking for brands that were employing sustainable or environmentally responsible practices. What’s more? 80 percent of Americans report that they believe that every product on the shelf should be 100 percent sustainable in just ten years; now is the time for brands to act.


A good number of eCommerce brands are already ramping up their sustainability efforts by doing things like cutting down the amount of plastic they use, but to exceed customer expectations, brands should think about making even more environmentally conscious choices in 2022. As it stands, 84 percent of American consumers expect the products they buy to be simple and easy to recycle and be made with recycled content. 

But sustainability is about so much more than just the packaging. 3PLs like OceanX are changing the sustainability game with smart choices throughout their fulfillment practices, including:

  • Proper recycling and mindful disposal of expired, damaged, or returned product
  • Elimination of unnecessary packaging waste with smarter packaging design and recycled materials
  • Access to real-time data like inventory reporting to reduce excess product and waste
  • Eco-friendly choices in the fulfillment center like solar panels and electric forklifts
  • Partnerships with a wide network of carriers for more direct deliveries and reduced transit emissions

Embracing the Continued Popularity of Omnichannel Selling


Forbes is predicting that 2022 will further the growth seen in 2020 and 2021 of omnichannel selling strategies, which means fulfillment partners have no choice but to support these endeavors. Omnichannel allows eCommerce brands to use all avenues to connect with consumers wherever they are and buy from any channel:

  • Brick-and-mortar stores
  • Websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • And more

The benefit with omnichannel marketing though? Syncing all of these avenues into one streamlined consumer experience, complete with real-time inventory and shipment tracking, checking an order status via Facebook messenger, and even buy online/pick up in-store options to offer a coordinated customer experience. 

Omnichannel fulfillment can present some complications, but it’s an investment that makes sense. One study found of retailers that implemented a multichannel or omnichannel selling strategy found:

  • 45 percent experienced a boost in customer purchase frequency
  • 44 percent could cross-sell more efficiently
  • 43 percent benefited from increased revenue

The challenge with omnichannel and multichannel fulfillment? Omnichannel affects every stage of fulfillment including order capture, warehouse management, shipping, last-mile delivery, and after-sales support. Fulfillment partners must provide two things to make it happen:

  1. The ability to take on more orders and scale as operations increase.
  2. The technology to capture order data in real-time from multiple sources at once.

OceanX is a modern technology solution geared fully towards the future with full integrations and data-driven solutions to tackle the intricacies of omnichannel fulfillment, making OceanX uniquely equipped to handle beauty and wellness fulfillment in 2022 and beyond.

Conquering the Fractured 2022 Supply Chain


No one could have predicted the upheaval we all saw in 2020, but two full years into the pandemic, eCommerce retailers should approach supply chain issues with clear eyes and a well-researched strategy. Industry experts anticipate that supply chain issues could last two more years—which includes a shortage of drivers to transport and deliver consumer orders. While this is an unpleasant reality for many eCommerce brands, finding ways to optimize operations can make a world of difference.  

Supply chain issues can mean longer delivery times, which is hard to align with consumer expectations for fast and free shipping. 

One way to sidestep some of the supply chain issues and slowed delivery times is with localized inventory and a network of regional carriers who can provide fast, efficient, and affordable shipping to your consumers, helping you keep up with demand. Especially while large, nationwide carriers struggle through capacity constraints and an influx in shipping volume, regional carriers can be a vital part of your strategy to handle a challenging supply chain. 

OceanX not only offers a robust carrier network, but with three fulfillment centers, intelligent warehouse routing, and data-based predictive analytics and inventory forecasting, OceanX can help you plan your inventory needs, maximize fulfillment efficiency, and deliver orders quickly and affordably. These tools can set you apart from the competition by employing lesser fulfillment strategies.

Additional Solutions Necessary to Navigate 2022


This year will be about more than just sustainability, omnichannel fulfillment, and supply chain issues, though. Even in a year where consumers are concerned about disruptions to the supply chain, the effects of climate change, and where they will be making their next purchase, eCommerce brands can continue to innovate their processes and make real progress. 

Other considerations to keep in mind? The rise in popularity of subscription services, kitting and bundling, and the proven efficacy of personalized packaging and unboxing experiences. 

No matter your goals for 2022 and beyond, OceanX is driven to be a true partner in beauty and wellness fulfillment, valuing:

  • Sustainability done your way at every turn
  • Effortless omnichannel fulfillment
  • Strong connections to regional and national carriers
  • Data-driven forecasting, smart routing, and predictive analytics
  • Personalized kitting and subscription support
  • Built-in capabilities for affordable, unique, and memorable packaging

To learn more about how we can help you with the intricacies of this year and every year to follow, connect with our team today!