Carrier Update: Carriers Prepare for Peak Season Labor and Ocean Freight Carriers Report a Drop in Orders


Peak Season

  • Most carriers are kicking off hiring fairs in preparation for peak season. The USPS is hosting events across the country, including “mega hiring” events across L.A County where over 500 positions are needed. Included are city carriers, tractor-trailer operators, and mail processing staff.
  • The USPS is not alone, as OSM Worldwide, LaserShip, OnTrac, and UPS are also building staff to ensure a smooth peak season.

Ocean Freight

  • Ocean freight carriers are reporting a 20% drop in US orders, which could reflect a drop in consumer demand. These drops are in the machinery, household products, industrial products, and apparel sectors.
  • Carriers are canceling as much as 50% of sailings to balance vessel capacity, resulting in lower ocean freight prices between Asia and the West Coast.

Porch Pirates

  • The Potter County Sheriff’s Department, in Amarillo, Texas, is doing its part to help local citizens thwart porch pirates. For the third year in a row, citizens are welcome to have eCommerce shipments delivered to their address (with the buyer’s name) where they will hold them for safe retrieval.