Our Client Success department
is an extension of your team.
Not a ticketing system.

Our dedicated client success team here at OceanX is a team of experienced and trusted fulfillment, kitting, and supply chain specialists ready to help you tackle your toughest challenges as you scale to the next level.


Onboarding expertise
for high-volume
DTC brands

Switching 3PL partners can seem daunting, but when you switch to a 3PL partner that specializes in your brand specific omni-channel requirements, technology needs, and product profile – you’ll be surprised at how seamless the process can be.

Plus, we’ll have a dedicated team member guiding you every step of the way.

Dedicated account
managers to advocate
for your brand

Every client is provided dedicated support with a
Client Success Director and a Technical Account
Manager assigned to your account.
This dynamic duo provides you with a “Voice”
within the organization that advocates for your
best interests.

Coordination and
guidance to achieve
your business goals

Our Client Success Department will have a deep
understanding of your business goals and
objectives, allowing us to ensure proper delivery
and recommendations from OceanX.

Subject Matter Expertise


OceanX professionals will help your brand select the right carrier mix so you can save on postage costs while increasing shipping speeds.


OceanX helps clients make important packaging decisions, not only tailored to their needs in terms of price, materials and design, but also to meet different criteria such as compliance, sustainability goals, and fulfillment functionality.


Looking to integrate a new system, retailer, or international partner? Our team will help your brand ensure all integrations are seamless so you can focus on what matters most – your customers.


There’s a lot to consider when kitting your brand’s orders. Pre-kitting for large sales, kitting on the fly, and sometimes a combination of both. Our team will help your fulfillment experts make the right decisions throughout the year.


The OceanX Blog

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We are the number one 3PL for beauty and wellness brands, and
we enjoy sharing our experience and knowledgebase. Check out
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