COVID-19, E-Commerce, and the need to continue to serve and support communities

Within a matter of weeks, the world has changed, faster than most of us expected. Beyond the health emergencies so many are going through, many of us are being asked to quickly move our meetings, education, and shopping online. With many cities on lockdown, delivery services have proved to be the best way for everyone to receive necessary items to maintain day-to-day life. 

To ensure community and national resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, the CISA developed an initial list of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” to help State and local officials protect communities, while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health, safety, economic, and national security. Among the list of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” included the following;

  • Operating call centers
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Postal and shipping workers

What does this mean for direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales?

  • Online purchases and deliveries will continue to operate 
  • Customer call centers will continue to operate

It’s not ‘business as usual’ but we must continue to push forward


We’ve been dealt cards that require many of us to physically isolate, but the online world continues to foster conversations, purchases, and a sense of normalcy. The world online is a world where our customers and peers operate, and fortunate for us, it’s a world that scales.

As a direct-to-consumer company, we’ve put procedures in place to ensure our employees are healthy and safe, while still ensuring we provide reliable shipping options for our clients. Simply put, if you need support maintaining or scaling operations at this time, let’s chat. We’re here to support you, your customers, and the communities you serve.

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On a more personal note we encourage you to continue to take care of yourself, your family, and your friends during this surreal moment in time. We wish you good health and a sense of optimism. Together we can, and we will, overcome this.