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How OceanX Helped Madison Reed Achieve 100% Order Accuracy

Madison Reed is a prestige direct-to-consumer hair color brand, providing customers with luxurious hair colors made with salon-quality ingredients.

Customer Success Stories

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Madison Reed

2020 was a wild year, and in the midst of a pandemic and spike in e-commerce orders, Madison Reed needed to find a 3PL to support their growth and improve shipping turnaround time. They found that partner with OceanX. A year into our partnership with Madison Reed we've incorporated new systems to achieve 100% order accuracy, supply real-time analytics for their entire team, and provide a dedicated client success team to support all of their needs.

Le Prunier

After a tweet from Chrissy Teigan, Le Prunier’s plum beauty oil instantly sold out and forever changes the trajectory of their business. They needed a 3PL partner that could scale fulfillment to support the rapid growth of their eCommerce sales as well a provide support for B2B and international shipping. That’s when they turned to OceanX.


As Cora started to see real success its leaders considered creating custom and personalized boxes, however, it became clear that the current fulfillment partner could no longer keep up. The Cora team needed a partner who could manage high-touch and personalized fulfillment at scale while still managing costs and, most importantly, creating an experience when customers received their orders that matched its brand promise and beautiful, clean aesthetic. Cora partnered with OceanX to do just that.


Based in Asheville, N.C., Avadim Health is a rapidly growing life sciences company built on the concept of serving with a vision to take healing to the nation. Avadim Health chose to partner with OceanX for fulfillment and call center operations to support the launch of Theraworx Relief, a topical therapy for muscle cramps and spasms, backed by national television and radio campaigns.

Press Releases

Check out our latest press releases and client success stories.

June 17,2021

Besame Cosmetics Partners With OceanX To Scale DTC Fulfillment Operations

March 24,2021

8Greens Partners with 3PL Provider OceanX to Scale DTC, Amazon, and B2B Fulfillment

November 23,2020

FREY Selects OceanX As New Fulfillment Partner to Scale Operations and Improve Inventory Visibility

November 11,2020

OSEA Selects OceanX as 3PL Partner to Scale Fulfillment of Skincare Line

April 30,2020

Athletic Greens Selects OceanX To Power Future Growth

Client Webinars

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Glossier's Head of Global Logistics, Joe Gullo, shares tips on how to prepare fulfillment operations for peaks

Going into peak season, it’s clear order volumes will reach unprecedented heights, putting major stress on distribution and fulfillment networks when they can least afford downtime. In this webinar, Glossier and OceanX share tips on how brands can prepare fulfillment operations for peaks through accurate forecasting and stress testing.


Liah Yoo, Founder of Krave Beauty discusses Sustainable fulfillment operations with OceanX

Your brand’s package design is your new digital storefront. Not only will your package keep products safe during transit, but it is also a critical part of a branded experience. In this interactive webinar with Krave Beauty, we dive into several trends and innovations driving change in DTC packaging.

Madison Reed Shares DTC Secrets to Enhance Your Customers' Experience

In this interactive fireside chat Denae Rocha, Sr. Supply Chain Manager at Madison Reed, and Kevin Gorman, VP of Business Development at OceanX dive into several trends and innovations enhancing the DTC customer experience that include the following: improving order accuracy, transit times, and customer experiences.

Founders of OSEA Malibu & Le Prunier Discuss How To Build Brand Success & Resiliency in 2021

This year promises to test beauty brands more than ever before — while also creating new opportunities. Download this webinar and listen to Ryan Weisert, vice president of client success at OceanX, in a fireside chat with Melissa Palmer, CEO & Founder at OSEA Malibu, and Allison Taylor, co-founder of Le Prunier. OSEA Malibu and Le Prunier will discuss their strategies for success in 2021 and beyond.

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