customized packaging

Customized Packaging: Should We Think Outside the Shipping Box or Inside it?

As humans, our eyes register colors, shapes, and different exposures. But our brains are the interpreters. Our brain seamlessly interprets elements into objects. Basically, our eyes may see a colored or translucent vertical rectangle, but our brain comprehends it as a door when approaching an entrance.

The psychology of color, fonts, images, and words distinguishes the brand from the competition. And, one thing is for sure, our modern-day consumers are becoming infatuated with brand identity

Social media has fed into these statistics. The perfect example is unboxing videos. In the past decade, unboxing videos exploded into a trend. YouTubers, TikTokers, Social Media users, and other influencers participate in this craze. 

The upside is people may have previously formed an opinion on the influencer. The downside is it may be an unfavorable opinion. But if the perception is admirable, the consumer possibly trusts what they say. 

Here are a few shocking statistics of unboxing videos:

  • 35% of customers will watch an unboxing video online by their favorite influencer.
  • 40% of customers will share unboxing photos online if the presentation is high-quality. 
  • 55% of customers who watch unboxing videos are likely to purchase the product.

Customization is a Personal Connection


What sparks interest in consumers is visually appealing packaging. But when adding customization and a personal connection to that, we prove the quality matches the brand values.

OceanX is well-equipped with experts specializing in the wellness and beauty industries. We step inside the consumer shoes and restrategize materials that feel personal and appreciated. These materials include but are not limited to:

  • Personalized tissue paper or other box fillers
  • Branded stickers
  • Thank you notes / Promotional cards
  • Customized shipping boxes

The possibilities of customized packaging are endless. Reach out today and see what we can do for you!

Despite the Amazing Benefits, Why Don’t All 3PLs Offer Custom Packaging?


Many 3PLs (Third-Party Logistics) fail to attempt customization services. But why? If sales grow and customers remain happy, why is there hesitation in offering? Although it depends on each company and its assets, understaffing, outdated software, warehouse capacity, or fear of failure may be the culprit.

When considering customization, picking a fulfillment warehouse equipped with those services is crucial. Outsourcing fulfillment that disables customization within their products is like a life sentence in logistic prison

Compare a 3PL connection like marriage, or at least a long-term relationship. Breaking this connection is complicated and messy, with a company differentiating in values. If brands decide to enable customization, a 3PL that shares the same DTC (Direct-To-Customer) vision is a must-have.

Kitting Services and Customization


Combining multiple items with separate SKUs in the same package is referred to as “kitting”. These items are siblings but not twins. Which means they are different but share industry relevance.

If consumers subscribed to a beauty box, they would not expect paper towel rolls delivered to their doorstep. With advertisement, there needs to be product accuracy. Customers want to receive what they expect

If a brand decides to take the subscription box route, two key players are relevancy and customization. Luckily, kitting services can assist with that.

How Kitting Services Provide a Unique and Functional Solution for Personalization:

  • Pre-Assembled Mailing Boxes. Our workforce constructs assorted sizing of pre-cut cardboard boxes. This allows faster production.
  • Specially Branded Supplies. Brand yourself with pride! Our fulfillment teams implement desired branded materials to make the best first, second, third, or hundredth impression on clients.

At OceanX, We Think Inside of the Box


If brand identity, customization, and efficiency are essentials, can 3PLs keep up? We will not speak the behalf of all 3PLs and D2C companies. But, at OceanX we have a team that handles robust volumized sales.

While fulfilling large quantities, we promise meaningful first-rate selections. How? Because we think about what is inside of the box rather than outside of it. (Unless that box is brand customized too.)

If your goal is to elevate your brand, services, and products, don’t place yourself in the fulfillment prison with no customization services. We encourage you to think about what’s inside of the box with us! Submit a quote for our highly-personalized kitting and fulfillment services.