FREY Selects OceanX As New Fulfillment Partner to Scale Operations and Improve Inventory Visibility

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.Nov. 23, 2020  OceanX, a modern 3PL for growing direct-to-consumer brands, announced today that FREY, a provider of eco-friendly, uniquely fragranced laundry and personal care products, has selected OceanX as their new fulfillment partner.

Since 2016, FREY has turned the outdated and commodified laundry care industry on its head by delivering products made with natural ingredients and top fragrances directly to their customers’ homes. Upon the success of FREY’s laundry products, FREY expanded its business with a new personal care line to share the magic of FREY’s fragrances outside of the laundry room.

Today, FREY invites consumers to try its laundry and personal care lines for free by delivering a bundle box of top-rated products to those who sign-up for a trial subscription by leveraging their technology stack. As FREY’s trial subscription sign-ups grew alongside the recurring subscription customers, they decided it was time to find a 3PL provider to help them deliver the growing number of orders while providing real-time visibility of their inventory. That’s when FREY decided to partner with OceanX.

“Managing inventory for recurring orders and trial sign-ups can be a nightmare for brands if they’re unable to see the status of their shipments and inventory in real-time,” said Georg Richter, Founder & CEO at OceanX. “We’re extremely excited to not only provide FREY with our modern fulfillment service, but also access to our real-time business intelligence platform. Through this platform, FREY can upload and maintain product master data, manage inventory quantity, view shipping and carrier status, and track trends on order returns. This will be a game-changer to maintaining accurate inventory levels in the fulfillment centers.”

“Fulfillment is such an integral part of running an eCommerce company, it’s quite literally a backbone to the company. We are incredibly proud to choose OceanX as our partner to handle our fulfillment. They have an outstanding team that is immensely dedicated to their clients. We couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter. When you work with a partner that has same-day shipping speeds and the inventory transparency, it allows you to focus on other parts of the company, while also taking that weight off of your team’s shoulders. “- The FREY Team.

As FREY continues to expand its customers and product lines, the need to partner with a reliable 3PL will be key to their success. OceanX is proud to be that partner.

About OceanX 

OceanX is a modern fulfillment provider for industry-leading brands like Glossier, Allergan, Proactiv, and more, to help scale fulfillment operations with a suite of DTC, B2B, and Amazon 3P services. These services include a modern fulfillment-as-a-service solution, a real-time business intelligence platform, and a scalable customer care service. With a 99.5% same-day ship, two-day nationwide shipping coverage, 99.8%+ order accuracy, access to top-tier postage rates, and the ability to capture over 3,000 eCommerce orders per minute – OceanX has set the bar for what a premier solution provider should offer clients.