Omnichannel Fulfillment

Deliver products to customers, everywhere they shop.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Our fulfillment centers are designed to pick, pack, and ship high-volume eCommerce orders for beauty and wellness brands.

That’s why we’re the best at it.

Complicated pack-outs. Customized subscription boxes. Accurate orders with fast shipping. Kitting services and lot tracking. Beautiful unboxing experiences.

We help your brand do it all, at scale.

B2B Fulfillment

We provide a variety of B2B fulfillment services to retail outlets, distribution centers, and online and TV Marketplaces. that include;

Amazon FBM/FBA

Improve delivery times, and lower shipping costs on Amazon without having to store your products in an Amazon warehouse. Health and beauty product lines require special care and a human touch. Our fulfillment lines are purpose-built to handle your products and package them efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards.
Prime certified fulfillment partner

99.5%+ Same Day Ship

2-Day Nationwide delivery coverage for all standard-size products

Fulfillment for
Marketplaces & Retail

Let OceanX do the heavy lifting and route orders to the right marketplaces and retailers. Our supply chain and logistics specialists are well-versed in a variety of marketplace and retail-specific shipping requirements.

Let OceanX ensure your orders stay on time and accurate to your mission-critical marketplace and retail partners so you can focus on what building awesome products.

International Shipping

Looking to ship internationally? OceanX partners with the best international fulfillment compliance and carrier network partners to ensure your products get to the right destination, on-time and are prepared correctly so there are no surprises or hassles.

Value-Added Services


Comprehensive labeling and kitting, services that move at the speed of your business.


We provide a mix of fulfillment technology and a skilled workforce to increase quality control and improve order accuracy.


Obtain a clear view of your inventory data, including lot and expiration date, at each distribution center. 


Monitor inventory levels across all SKUs at every distribution center in real-time. Receive alerts when inventory falls below a desired threshold.


From seasonal returns to daily returns, to the need to destroy or recycle old products, OceanX can address the complicated process of handling returns.


We provide temperature-controlled fulfillment warehouses to ensure a variety of non-refrigerated products remain fresh and intact year-round.

Operations & Quality SLAs


99.5%+ order accuracy
High variability / personalization


One business day 99.5%+
System recorded from receipt to stock availability


99.8%+ accuracy
Measured by on-hand SKU count vs system record


Same day ship 99.5%+

If received by 1pm local time


Within 72 hours of arrival at facility

Fulfillment Technology

Our proprietary technology stack is a full suite of enterprise-grade logistics tools and insights at your fingertips so you can get the data you need when you need it.

Client Success

All OceanX clients are assigned a dedicated client success team as soon as they partner with us. The Client Success team works hard to deliver the truly “white-glove” experience you never knew you needed.

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