Fulfillment Technology Developed
to Improve Your Business Operations

Self-Service Portal

Bridge by OceanX is our fulfillment portal provided to all OceanX clients. Bridge is the interface between our OceanX warehouse teams, carrier shipping information, inventory data, your ecommerce store, and you. Bridge connects all the dots easily and quickly so that your executive team can get the data they need when they need it.

But that’s just the beginning, with Bridge you can also leverage advanced data insights to improve your customer experience over time and much more.

Secure & Scalable Platform

The Bridge Platform is a Scalable, Secure, API Driven platform built to help brands like yours thrive and automate fulfillment processes in real-time.


Integrate your commerce store or directly connect to OceanX’s APIs for seamless order processing.

Our team will set your brand up with the integrations you need to get the most from our platform and fulfillment services. 

B2B Integrations

Technology to streamline B2B shipments to big-box retailers, marketplaces, and boutique stores.

Unlock new revenue opportunities by quickly connecting to an expanded, curated network of suppliers & sellers.
b2b integrations

Warehouse Technology


Light-directed warehouse picking technology that provides an accurate and efficient method of paperless picking, putting, and sorting of products.


Flexible, scalable, and modular solution, providing the right balance of high-tech automation and necessary human operations to maximize accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.


Implemented on the fulfillment line to reduce human error and improve inventory, fulfillment, and shipping accuracy.


Automated process used to verify the contents of a carton or container before goods are sent to shipping.


Optimize the packaging box during picking based on the item dimensions, volume, weight and item attributes.

OceanX API’s

Connect orders and payments across all your systems to optimize order fulfillment and shipping.
Store and request product data for your frontend experience. API level control of your product catalog.
OceanX stores, manages, and tracks inventory at our fully operated warehouses across the US and Canada, providing clients with real-time inventory visibility.
Store and request product data for your frontend experience. API level control of your product catalog.
Simplify returns, syncing brand, and client preferences directly with OceanX systems and warehouses.
Receive fulfillment-related alerts in real-time. From inventory-triggered events, order receipts, shipping alerts, and more.

Fulfillment Services

Our fulfillment centers are designed to pick, pack, and ship orders everywhere your customers shop. From DTC, B2B, Amazon, Marketplaces, and Internationally.

Client Success

All OceanX clients are assigned a dedicated client success team as soon as they partner with us. The Client Success team works hard to deliver the truly “white-glove” experience you never knew you needed.

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