KraveBeauty Partners With Tech-Forward 3PL Partner OceanX To Enhance DTC Operations

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., July 20, 2021; OceanX, a tech-forward fulfillment provider for beauty and health brands, is proud to announce its partnership with KraveBeauty, a fast-growing direct-to-consumer skincare company created by beauty influencer turned entrepreneur, Liah Yoo.

Founded in 2017, KraveBeauty aimed to create a brand for people who were overwhelmed with the number of skincare products available. Two years in, KraveBeauty dug a little deeper into the problem and discovered that excess skincare isn’t just a problem for people, it’s a problem affecting our planet. When it comes to sustainability practices, there’s a notion of reduce, reuse, recycle, and KraveBeauty strives to place a bigger emphasis on the ‘reduce’ aspect, questioning if new products launched are essential to customers.

In 2020, KraveBeauty paused new product launches to prove to the world that a brand can still grow profitably without creating demands for new product SKUs. And it worked. Despite its product launch pause, KraveBeauty’s sales increased 250%, and its social media following rose almost 200% from the prior year.

As KraveBeauty’s customers and sales began to grow, it was clear they needed a DTC fulfillment partner that could provide real-time visibility into inventory, returns, shipping, and carrier status while maintaining fast and affordable shipping.

“We’re very excited to announce our partnership with KraveBeauty. Not only are we committed to supporting all of KraveBeauty’s fulfillment needs, but we are also committed to supporting their sustainability efforts as well,” said Georg Richter, Founder and CEO of OceanX. “By providing real-time inventory reports, KraveBeauty will be able to make purchases when and where it makes sense, reducing overall waste with unnecessary or small purchases. In addition to fulfillment data, our team will also fulfill KraveBeauty’s orders out of two locations, lowering transit emissions and improving delivering speeds.”

“KraveBeauty has grown tremendously over the past few years and we are excited to partner with OceanX for the next phase of our growth,” said Liah Yoo, KraveBeauty’s CEO. “When evaluating potential 3PL partners, we looked for a modern fulfillment provider that could scale with us and deliver the best customer experience. OceanX will allow us to finally bring our products to international customers around the world.”

About OceanX


OceanX is a tech-forward fulfillment provider for industry-leading beauty and health brands like Glossier, SkinMedica, Athletic Greens, Seed, and more. We help our clients deliver a premier customer experience while scaling fulfillment operations with a suite of DTC, B2B, and Amazon FBM/FMA services. These services include a modern fulfillment-as-a-service solution, a real-time business intelligence platform, and a dedicated client success team. With a 99.5% same-day ship, 99.8%+ order accuracy, and access to top-tier postage rates. OceanX sets the bar for what a premier 3PL Partner should offer clients.


About KraveBeauty


KraveBeauty was founded in 2017 by Liah Yoo, a YouTuber, influencer, and skincare aficionado. Before she founded KraveBeauty, Liah thought she could fix her skin issues by always buying new products, testing new formula fads, and hopping on every trend. She created KraveBeauty because she was overwhelmed with how much skincare was out there and wanted to create a space where people could tune out the world and tune into their skin instead.

KraveBeauty was founded to help us #PressReset on the way we think about skincare. Pressing reset is about rejecting the conventional should-do’s and supposed-to-do’s of beauty and making our routine about our skin–not our skincare. We believe skincare is personal and we should be letting our skin guide how we use skincare instead of letting trends and fads dictate our skin journey.