Interview: LA Techwatch Highlights OceanX

We love our home town of Los Angels and were so happy to be featured in an in depth interview from LA Techwatch. Below are a few highlights from the interview.  You can read the full interview on LA Techwatch.  

Subscriptions have been around forever and increasing in popularity, especially in the Los Angeles market. OceanX is the subscription commerce technology platform that recognizes the lucrative potential behind brand management and subscription services. Specializing in business intelligence for brands and retailers that are looking to execute large-scale subscription programs, the company is an off-shoot of the wildly successful Guthy-Renker. Already OceanX’s technology platform powers the direct-to-consumer subscription businesses for 32 brands with over $30B in direct sales in only two short years.

AlleyWatch spoke with CEO and founder Georg Richter to discuss how the vibrant energy and talent in LA is helping to rapidly expand this profitable company.


Tell us about OceanX service

OceanX helps companies to start, grow and scale direct-to-consumer recurring revenue models like subscriptions and memberships. Our all-in-one subscription technology platform and the people who support it, form the backbone of our company. We have extensive background in direct-to-consumer subscriptions and partner with companies on their journey to create meaningful relationships with their consumers.

We are technically a “start-up” in that we are only a little over 2 years old, but our team has built this technology and operations over 25 years, building the platform behind one of LA’s most quietly successful D2C retail companies – Guthy-Renker. We are a spin-off of Guthy-Renker, which built a few billion-dollar brands like Proactiv all based in Los Angeles.

How is OceanX different?

We are the only subscription platform that brings together e-commerce technology, recurring order and billing, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, customer service and data into a single platform

Beyond the operations and the platform, we also focus advice and insights based on our 25 years in subscriptions and share that data, and our assessment of that data, with our clients to help them learn which marketing channels and offers work so they can really scale

We are a true 1 stop shop for direct to consumer subscriptions. Subscriptions and memberships are the only thing we do. We’re not an e-commerce provider who ‘also’ provides subscription services.