OceanX Launches First Annual “Sharky Week” to Debunk Common Fulfillment Myths

El Segundo, CA. (August 10, 2020): OceanX, the premier modern fulfillment provider for growing direct-to-consumer brands, is proud to announce the launch of, ‘Sharky Week.’

Sharky Week’,  is the unofficial spin-off of,  ‘Shark Week,’  starring OceanX’s mascot, Sharky. Sharky will dedicate the week of August 10th to address misconceptions about fulfillment operations. A topic that’s as mystifying as the ocean is deep.

“There’s a lot that has been canceled in 2020. Sharky Week will not be added to the list,” said Sharky, OceanX’s Lead Mascot and Brand Ambassador. “With eCommerce transactions at a record high, it’s important brands understand how a modern fulfillment solution can help them scale. This is a topic that I keep close to my gills.”

“Fulfillment operations are often an afterthought for brands until it’s too late,” said Chris Accardo, OceanX’s VP of Marketing and Shark Tales. “Like sharks, when fulfillment is done right it’s swift, efficient, and deadly to your competition. There’s no one better to debunk common fulfillment myths than, Sharky. Be prepared to be schooled.”

Sharky Week lineup below:

About OceanX  

OceanX partners with some of the world’s most recognizable direct-to-consumer brands, including Glossier, Athletic Greens, Allergan, Seed, and Proactiv to help launch and scale direct-to-consumer (DTC) operations with a suite of DTC, B2B, and Amazon 3P services. These services include a modern fulfillment-as-a-service solution, a real-time business intelligence platform, and a scalable customer care service. With a 99.5% same-day ship, two-day nationwide shipping coverage, 99.8%+ order accuracy, access to top-tier postage rates, and the ability to capture over 3,000 eCommerce orders per minute – OceanX has set the bar for what a premier solution provider should offer clients.   


Media Contact: Chris Accardo, VP Marketing & Shark Tales 

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