Sharky Week Day 4 Myth: Fulfillment is not a sexy industry

It’s day 4 of Sharky Week, and today Sharky is debunking one of the most controversial fulfillment myths, “fulfillment is not a sexy industry.” This myth may not always be top of mind, but we know when most people think of ‘fulfillment operations,’ the word ‘sexy’ typically doesn’t come to mind.

Today we plan to change that.

But before we dive in it’s important all of us are on the same page of what we mean when we say ‘sexy.’ To help clear the air, take a look at the definition Sharky is displaying below. 

sexy defined

When we say we think fulfillment is ‘sexy’ we mean it as the informal definition, meaning that we find ‘fulfillment’ to be exciting, stimulating, interesting, appealing, and intriguing. Oh yeah, fulfillment IS sexy.

What makes fulfillment sexy?

The truth is, there are a lot of really ‘sexy’ parts of the fulfillment process. So, without further ado, we’ve listed a few reasons why fulfillment is sexy below.

  • Exceptional Customer Experience

The entire customer experience is sexy! Sitting in the comfort of your own home, ordering your favorite products to have them delivered directly to your door. While we’re all familiar with this process today, only a few decades ago this idea was merely a concept. Convenience is sexy, isn’t it?


  • Beautifully Packaged Products

Beautifully packaged products are (you guessed it) SEXY! We’re not talking about the brown Amazon boxes or bulk distribution to retailers. We’re talking about branded boxes, sent directly to the homes of your customers. Boxes with handpicked items your customers are excited to open and use immediately. That. Is. Sexy.


  • Making Our Clients Successful

There are behind the scenes aspects of fulfillment operations that we also find sexy. Efficiency in weight management, fraud prevention, address hygiene, carrier optimization, delivery speed, and real-time fulfillment data. Yes, all of these are ‘technical,’ but they’re critical components of making our clients successful. Which we find sexy, of course.

Yeah, fulfillment is sexy.

When you think of how smooth the entire fulfillment process can be, from order intake to doorstep delivery, you have to admit…it’s pretty sexy.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Hear what OceanX’s Founder & CEO, Georg Richter, thinks about fulfillment.