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Modern Kitting & Fulfillment Services

OceanX is a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer eCommerce fulfillment space. Our DNA as a company traces back to the very beginning of the DTC industry in the early ’90s. It’s safe to say that at OceanX, you’ll be in good hands. That’s because we’ve built a modern kitting and fulfillment
service solution specifically for highly personalized
products that involve custom pick-pack, bundling, kitting, and much more. If you are looking for a fulfillment provider that understands the nuances of modern product kitting and fulfillment, look no further than OceanX.

As a technology-first, modern 3PL fulfillment solution OceanX is the premier solution for eCommerce brands
that need an expert kitting and fulfillment service provider. With 99.8%+ order accuracy, nationwide 2-day shipping coverage, 3,000+ per minute API order capability, and a dedicated customer support operation available 24/7/365, OceanX can handle your health and beauty brand’s
complex kitting and fulfillment needs with care
and excellence.

Metrics our Clients Achieve


Same Day Ship


Order & Inventory Accuracy

72 HRS



Nationwide Shipping Coverage


Save up to this on shipping costs

Services We Provide


Modern fulfillment solutions designed for subscriptions with unlimited personalization options & scale. Whether it’s DTC, B2B or Amazon 3P… we’ve got you covered!


OceanX’s technology platform, Bridge, is API-driven, scaleable, and secure. The Bridge Portal is OceanX’s self-service “single pane of glass” view that provides full visibility of fulfillment operations.


The moment you begin working with OceanX, we assemble a team of fulfillment pros dedicated to supporting your success through onboarding and indefinitely into your partnership with us.


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How OceanX’s Fulfillment Solution Helped Scale a Premiere Beauty Brand’s DTC Operations During Cyber-Week


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