Weekly Logistics Report: February 22, 2022

Every week we highlight trending news in logistics that may impact your brand’s shipping performance. In this week’s report, we discuss USPS Updates, Smart Parcel Delivery Lockers, and Address Hygiene.

Watch the video recap below:

USPS Updates:

While not reflected in our overall transits, there are reports of delayed USPS deliveries in the central region of Ohio. Reportedly due to illness, quarantines, and attrition, carriers are working overtime and extra routes to cover the deliveries where staffing fell short.

Smart Parcel Delivery Locker:

The Smart Parcel Delivery Locker market is expected to boom in the US, from $677.6 million in 2021 to $1.6 billion in 2028. In addition to providing secured delivery for standard eCommerce parcels, cooling lockers, for grocery delivery, are also expected to surge. These run the gambit from shared banks of lockers for multi-tenant dwellings to residential units for single-family residences. Raise your hand if you remember those boxes on porches that were serviced by local dairies! Anyone?

Address validation:

One factor that can drive up costs and/or result in lost or undeliverable packages is incorrect addresses. Carriers typically charge a fairly steep fee to correct addresses, if known. Otherwise, parcels can end up being left where customers no longer reside. Often a free-form entry, customer-entered typographical errors are a likely source of the problem. Most shopping carts can be equipped with at least some form of address hygiene, but it is also possible to go one step further with software that checks address move databases to ensure your parcel will make it to your customer.