Weekly Logistics Report: March 1, 2022

Every week we highlight trending news in logistics that may impact your brand’s shipping performance. In this week’s report, we discuss UPS Updates, New Trucks for USPS, and carrier updates in Ukraine.

Watch the video recap below:

OceanX Carrier Network:

Across our network, transit times were very solid across all FFC’s and carriers. All 3-nodes experienced hybrid delivery averages under 3.5 days, via OSM, and all other carriers also beat the preceding week.


UPS, who instituted increases to thousands of part-time workers in order to attract and retain workers in peak has reportedly reduced those wages back to their original level. This move is resulting in many workers quitting, as the reduction reportedly came without warning and workers claim that they were under the impression that the increase was permanent.


The United States Postal Service is moving forward with plans to purchase up to 165,000 new mail trucks over the next 10 years. The USPS has stated that up to 10% of those will be electric vehicles, which critics see as disappointing. Whatever the power source, new vehicles are sorely needed from a modern safety standard perspective.


Due to the on-going conflict in Ukraine, all Ukrainian Post Offices will remain closed effective 2/24, and postal deliveries are suspended until further notice. No carriers are operating in the region. FedEx and UPS have additionally announced that they have suspended deliveries into Russia, citing their invasion into Ukraine. Any packages destined to either country will be returned to the sender free of charge.