Weekly Logistics Report: March 15, 2022

Every week we highlight trending news in logistics that may impact your brand’s shipping performance. In this week’s report, we discuss DoorDash’s new ‘return a package’ service, USPS Postal Reform Act, and an eCommerce outlook amid fuel surcharges.

Watch the video recap below:


OceanX Carrier Network

Transit time remained stable throughout the network. No call-outs of consequence on the domestic side.

Door Dash

The well-known food delivery service, DoorDash, is testing a new service called “Return a Package”. Only available through the app, and in undisclosed test markets, the service allows customers to have packages taken to their nearest post office, UPS or FedEx location. The packages must be fully sealed and have a pre-paid return label. Other gig services have attempted this in the past, none of which caught on for the long haul.


The Postal Service Reform Act, which passed in the House last month, has now passed in the Senate. It is anticipated that the President will sign the legislation in the coming days. Bringing much-needed fiscal relief the agency, the Act also requires the USPS to maintain it’s 6-day per week delivery schedule.

eCommerce Outlook

With the restrictive impacts of the pandemic mostly behind us, the sky-rocketing cost of fuel may continue to power the acceleration in eCommerce. To be sure, fuel surcharges will increase costs up and down the supply chain, but consumers may forgo trips to brick and mortars to manage what costs they can control, saving car trips for other purposes.