Weekly Logistics Report: March 8, 2022

Every week we highlight trending news in logistics that may impact your brand’s shipping performance. In this week’s report, we discuss FedEx’s new ‘war surcharge’, USPS update in Ukraine, Truckload and LTL market, and fuel surcharges.

Watch the video recap below:


OceanX Carrier Network

Transit times remained solid across the OceanX network. All observed a slight uptick, but well within normal ranges for the end of February.


FedEx announced new “peak” surcharges for many international parcel and freight shipments, effective this week, citing air cargo capacity constraints in the current environment. Although not specifically calling it out, the timing has caused the industry to refer to this as a “war surcharge”, throwing shade on the over-utilization of the term “peak” to continue increasing costs throughout the year.


The USPS reports that Ukraine Post now has some Post Offices operating on a limited basis, dependent on regions, so customers can receive mail and parcels. They are advising sending postal items to Ukraine via Poland, Latvia, or Slovakia, and will collect the consignments from those countries.

Truckload and LTL

The truckload and LTL market remains extremely volatile, as labor challenges, capacity, and equipment shortages continue to come together to impact this aspect of the business. Building extra time, where possible, into routing will help to alleviate pressure, as time-sensitive shipments are most at-risk in the present environment.

Fuel Surcharges

As we have all seen for ourselves, the cost of fuel is sharply rising. This will impact the costs of all deliveries, as carriers will adjust fuel surcharges based on the national index. Now, more than ever, sellers are encouraged to review their shipment specifications. Reducing dimensions and weight, where possible, can increase cost savings and sustainability while reducing your carbon footprint.